Gameplay Tips:

  • Shapeshifters never change location so memorizing a few will help you get to the goal!

  • Don’t always collect a powerup right away.  Often waiting for a precise moment will give you a better chance.

  • Maze levels can have multiple exits but it is best to avoid them until all other shapeshifters have been collected.  

  • Take advantage of the path switch locations as it is easier to catch shapeshifters when the camera is paused. 

  • For difficult levels, try changing the screen orientation. 

Object of the game:

Catch the shapes that change in a game that blends fine art with a new fade mechanic where objects can change shape while invisible.
Your adventure will lead you through maddening mazes and heart pounding countdown races!  Mysterious treasure orbs will help you along the way as you discover secrets and unlock stunning new worlds!  


  • 50 unique levels.
  • Power ups.
  • 3D backgrounds.
  • 20 audio tracks.

3 types of games:

  • Auto scroll levels.

  • Auto scroll maze levels with multiple paths.

  • Timer countdown levels with user controlled scroll.

Power Ups:
   · Circle: Circles all to collect.
   · Avoid:  Marks  all to avoid.
   · Pause:  Stops the camera. 
   · Heart:  1 extra  heart.
   · Compass:  Displays a map.
   · Key: Unlocks paths.
   · +1:  Catch credit.
   · Triple dot: Gives three power ups.
   · Zap:  Removes objects to avoid. 
   · Eye: Reveals invisibles.


Alex never liked having to clean the museum floors with a huge metallic vacuum cleaner strapped onto his back.  He warned his boss that it was just a bad idea for a museum with so many precious breakable things.   “Well Alex, for that stupid remark, you will have to vacuum the entire museum yourself tonight!”  and with an added evil laugh, his boss hurriedly left as he was missing his favorite TV show at home.
After many hours of grueling work, feeling hungry and exhausted, Alex reached for the delicious candy bar that he had saved in his pocket.  As he bent down to throw away the wrapper, the bulky contraption on his back smashed into a magnificent sculpture.  Amazingly, the work of art did not break but only vibrated like a guitar string….what appeared to be thousands of fireflies escaped from it and started to float down the halls of the museum.  In disbelief, Alex followed as many as he could and saw them morph shape and hide in various masterpieces hanging on the walls!  “This is not good, not good at all!” noted Alex as he closely inspected the changes in the paintings and wondered how he could fix this before his boss returned?